Welcome to my newly designed photo galleries. Check it out below! Just below my galleries, you will see a "keyword list. Click on a keyword and fitting images will be gathered and displayed. For instance, click on "flight" and all of my birds in flight will be displayed. You can either click on the appropriate keyword or just go straight to the individual galleries and click on one at a time and browse.

All of the images here have been optimized with photo-editing software, which includes cropping, sharpening, noise reduction, levels and saturation adjustments. Some images have been altered by toning down bright areas, lightening up dark areas and removing distracting elements such as dust, twigs etc.

Due to the possibility of internet theft of my images (with screen capturing software etc!), I am in the process of adding watermarks to all of my images here. The watermark will not be included on any image, print or product purchased here or through me directly. I apologize for this, as it does detract from the images. Please contact me with any questions or comments at - naturestoc@aol.com.

Thanks for looking, Dan

Recent Photos


California Poppy. Low key, desaturated.

California Poppy. Low key, desaturated.


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