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greater white fronted geese greater yellowlegs greatwinged petrel grebes green heron green jay green mountain smelter green tailed towhee green winged teal grinding rocks grizzly grizzly bear groove billed ani grosbeaks groundhog grouse guillemots gull billed gull gulls guppy gyotaku gyrfalcon habitat hairy woodpecker hammonds flycatcher harbor harbor seal harlan's hawk harlequin duck harriers harris's hawk harris's sparrow hatch year male red winged blackbird hawk hawks hdr head stone head stones heermans gull henry clay frick henry overholt henslow's sparrow hepatic tanager hermit thrush hermit warbler herons herps herring gull herrman's gull himalayan snowcocks historic buildings hoary redpoll hooded merganser hooded oriole horned grebe horned lark horned puffin horses hotel hotel divisadero barrancas hotel la choza house finch house sparrow house wren hovering howler monkey hudsonian godwit hummingbirds humpback whale humpback whale flukes huttons vireo ibis idaho illustrations 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sandplover lesser scaup lesser yellowlegs leucism leucistic lewis's woodpecker lilies lilys limpkin lincolns sparrow little blue heron little stint lizards local 17 loggerhead shrike long billed curlew long billed dowitcher long billed thrasher long eared owl long tailed duck long tailed jaeger longbilled dowitcher longmen grotto longspurs loons lotus lucifer's hummingbird lucionensis lucys warbler macgillivrays warbler macro madagascar maggie marsh magnificent hummingbird magnolia warbler magpie magpies maidu mallard mammals marbled godwit march marmota monax marmots marsh marsh sandpiper marsh wren martins mather east of eagles nest rd mather lake mather park mather regional park mccowns longspur meadowlarks megachilid sp. mennonite mennonite campos mergansers merlin mew gull mexican jay mexican longnosed bat mexico michigan migration mima mounds mink mio mockingbirds monk parakeet monkeys monterey monterey county moon moonlight moonrise moorhen morels moths mottled duck mountain 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redpolls redshouldered hawk redstarts redtailed hawk redwinged blackbird reeve reptiles resplendant quetzal rhinoceros auklet ridgeway's rail ridgways rail ring billed gull ring necked duck ring necked pheasant ringbilled gull rio fuerte river river otter roadrunners robins rock buildings rock pigeon rock ptarmigan rock sandpiper rock wren rodents rookery roost rooster rose rose breasted grosbeak ross's goose rosyfaced lovebird rosyfinches rough legged hawk rough winged swallow roughlegged hawk royal tern rubber boa rubbing ruby crowned kinglet rubycrowned kinglet ruddy turnstone ruff ruffed grouse rufous hummingbird rufouscollared sparrow rufouswinged sparrow ruins running rust rustic bunting rusty blackbirds sabine's gull sabines gull sacramento sacramento aquarium society sage thrasher salmon salton sea san ignacio sanderling sandhill crane sandhill cranes sandpiper sandpipers santa cruz island saprophytes sapsuckers savannah sparrow says phoebe scaly breasted munia scaup scenic 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